Parry Johnson Photography has a stock photography portfolio of Fine Art Photography. 
There is great beauty in the landscape of Western Canada, as well as
the intricacies of everyday objects, past and present.
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Old Lovers PJA 0780 PJA 2320 edit PJA 2326 edit PJA 2332 edit PJA 2337 edit
PJA 2340 edit PJA 9733a  An early 70's model car and its shadow on an abandoned red brick farmhouse in winter near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. : abandoned, abandoned car, brick, broken windows, Car, house, red house, shadow, snow PJD 0284-Edit  A spider waiting for prey on its web on an old barn, rural Saskatchewan. : barn, spider, spider web, web, waiting PJD 0289  A old open lock on a barn, rural Saskatchewan. : slaymaker, lock, padlock, red door, latch, open padlock, rusty PJD 0318  A relatively intact (no broken headlights or windshield) abandoned 1940's car in rural Saskatchewan. : 1940's, abandoned car, Car, old car, trees