Hi, and welcome to the PJ Photo Blog.  After teaching school and taking photos for many years, I've still got a lot to share, and this is one of the ways I can share my love of photography through some short lessons and other posts, and help my clients to be better prepared and know how their photos can be made even better!

At this time, many of us are stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Me, too, as photography is not an essential service.  I'm taking the time to catch up on organization such as transferring my website to a new computer, updating content, and cleaning photo equipment.  I might even get to the corner of my basement where my darkroom (film) equipment has gathered a heavy layer of dust!  It is time to brush up on new skills and hone some of the old, as well as taking the time to reflect upon our blessings and what's important in our lives.  Hopefully, you and those you love are all well and comfortable at this time.

Here are some of my ideas for future blog posts:

  • Why a practice / engagement shoot is so valuable
  • How to work with a videographer (and others involved in a wedding)
  • Take time for the details
  • Why the different choices of cameras and lenses are important
  • Location, location, location (good and bad choices for locations to shoot around Regina)
  • Location Part 2:  How to "scope out" a location.
  • What's in a contract?

I've got a few other ideas, but any good teacher (and photographer) is always open to the advice and ideas of others.  So, if anybody has another topic to share, or you have any other comments about this blog (or other webpages), I'm always happy to receive comments.  Just use the "Contact" link or leave a comment below (subject to approval to prevent website misuse).

Welcome back soon!


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